Weddings and Jelly….

This week we were lucky enough to have been invited to a French wedding. How exciting! The strange thing is that we had never met either the bride or groom but it seems to be custom here for the parents to invite their neighbours to the ceremonies. We sort of know our neighbours, I mean we can just about make out their house across the field so we don’t bump into them very often. Occasionally their little dog, who lives outside, trots down the road and says ‘bonjour’ to our dogs but mostly it’s waving and, when we do meet the normal kissing.

So curious, and a little nervous, we planned the afternoon. My mother had a hair appointment and asked if we should cover our arms and heads seeing that France is a mostly Catholic country, especially in the countryside. We were told that arms should be covered so with modesty in mind I donned a beige shift dress, jacket and shoes.

Well, I don’t think it really mattered! The bride looked beautiful in a very elegant straight white dress but with the guests it was clearly a case of anything goes. The men and boys all seemed to be wearing cloth caps and the women, well it is a case of ‘anything goes’. All in all it was very entertaining and we couldn’t wait for the next bit.

So all the guests then go on to the ‘vin d’honneur’ which is basically a drinks reception with nibbles before the close friends and family have the wedding breakfast. By now it was about 5pm, and as I’d been on a bit of a diet I was starving. Luckily there was a choice of wine in a fairly decent sized glass! Normally it’s Rosé  but there was a choice .What surprised me were the nibbles and no….it wasn’t jelly, it was little doughnuts and door wedge sized hunks of brioche loaf. How on earth do you elegantly consume that whilst holding wine? Well the bride sauntered over, took a slice and expertly folded it with one hand into  a sort of mammoth sandwich thingy…..I’ll say no more. She still looked elegant but I wasn’t chancing it!

By the time we got back I was starving but I was a good girl and had some chicken on the barbie with salad but what I really fancied was my Dirty Ducky Dauphinoise with Raunchy redcurrant sauce. Stand by for my recipe for redcurrant jelly.


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