Easy Spring Rolls

Who doesn’t love a spring roll? I have to say they were never really one of my favourite take-away foods as more often than not they were always oozing, and I mean ‘ooozzingg’ with grease! Luckily, the lovely French people seem to love the old ‘printemps’ and sell them everywhere in all flavours, including crab, prawn, pork and chicken, but still they are desperately greasy. So yes, chez le rêve, we are trying to be healthy, and the poor deep fat fryer has been cleaned and consigned to the cellar for a while, (sob..) but I still have urges! I now feel quietly smug that I may have found a solution to this using a few cheats along the way.

Here’s what you need for 8 rather large spring rolls!

  • 8 sheets Brique pastry or 16 of filo.
  • 50g (1 nest) mung bean vermicelli noodles (any glass noodle type thingy will do).
  • 1 small jar Chinese veg drained (usually beansprouts and carrots etc).
  • tin of cheapo crab.
  • finely chopped red chilli (optional) .
  • I finely chopped spring onion.

Easy Baked Spring Rolls (3) Easy Baked Spring Rolls (4) Easy Baked Spring Rolls (2)

Here’s what I did:

  • Cook your noodles. Normally shove them in boiled water and wait about 3 minutes.
  • Drain noodles and combine with other ingredients.
  • Take a sheet of brique (or 2 sheets filo, lightly oiled between) and dollop an 1/8th of the mixture as shown on the picture.
  • Roll up and bring in the sides carefully and stick on a baking tray.
  •  Lightly brush the top with oil and bake about 10 mins gas 6, or 200 degrees.

Easy Baked Spring Rolls

Serve it with a bit of shop bought or homemade chilli sauce and enjoy the delicious crunch of pastry and veggies without piling on the pounds! Perfect as a starter or side in a Chinese banquet or when you are just feeling naughty. Give ’em a go and tell me how easy it was – I promise it will be!

Top tips:

  • If you have cooked shredded meat like pork, chicken or duck you could use this instead.
  • Use defrosted budget prawns or chopped squid lightly cooked. Be sure not to freeze if you have used defrosted ingredients.
  • If you  can’t get hold of Chinese veggies in a jar – hard luck! Some supermarkets sell fresh mung beans but I’ve not seen them in France. I would suggest finely sliced spring onion, grated carrot, peppers and mangetout. In fact, add what you like!
  • We ate 4 and froze the rest in an old takeaway plastic container. They are best cooked from frozen or will go soggy. If you are doing this add a few minutes more.

So please have a go. It looks difficult but it’s really easy. Your family will think you are marvelous and you will know it’s as healthy as you can make it at a fraction of the price. Another Virtuous dish.


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