My name is Amanda and I love food.

I am always thinking about it and the first thing I usually say to my husband in the morning  is: ‘what shall we have for dinner?’ Even when I’m on a diet, which is most of the time, I am still obsessed. I love flicking through cookbooks looking for inspiration and watching cookery shows until the family groans ‘not again’! I’ll eat pretty much anything….the only thing I’ve drawn the line at so far is brains and tripe (but yes, I have eaten brains and won’t let my dogs eat tripe as I can’t bear the smell).

I was the only child in our family and was a bit of a tom-boy as I accompanied my dad shooting and fishing so I’m not too squeamish. In fact my dad did all the cooking and encouraged me from a young age to experiment and take short-cuts without compromising taste. I also thought it was important that my boys could cook before university so they wouldn’t starve so that’s how I started cooking by showing them quantities they could easily measure without scales.

My other love, apart from my lovely husband, sons and my doggies, is writing. I am writing my second book with plans for a third, and no I’m not published. I recently did an English degree to help my creative writing so everything is a work in progress – that’s how the blog thing started. Having moved to rural France permanently in 2014 people who want to know can come and see what I’ve been up to and people I don’t know yet I hope will come and share their thoughts about my food.  This blogging lark is new to me and my photography is atrocious so it’s a steep learning curve, along with living in France which can be challenging and amazing at the same time.

I also run a 3 bedroom gîte on our property here with a private pool called La Maison Verte. It’s tucked away in farmland about an hour from La Rochelle on the west coast. I am a bit of a dreamer so our business is called Le Rêve Français as I had to dream about it for 7 years before it could happen!

So that’s me; mad English woman in France, usually found in the kitchen, playing in the vegetable patch, looking after guests or attached to the laptop with two Weimaraners at my feet. Please feel free to comment, critique or suggest, it will all help and I’ll do my best in return.

Thanks for visiting….x


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