I’m a cheat. I’ve been a cheat for a long time and I’m proud of it. It stems from being lazy. Oh dear, this doesn’t sound good so far, does it? But aren’t we all a bit like that? We want food but we don’t want to slave over a cookbook. We want a treat but don’t always have the fancy ingredients in the house. And scales? We haven’t got the time to get the scales out unless it’s a cake. Yes, unfortunately baked stuff needs scales…sorry.

And it gets worse. I’m also a glutton. I love the creamy, decadent, naughty things but I’m also trying to be a good girl so often I don my temporary halo and go for the virtuous option. So I think that makes me completely normal!

What I’d like to do is show you my way, and yes I’m a control freak, a food stuffing, cheating, dieting sort of girl and whilst I can think of nothing better than cooking all day I also work hard at other things so I have to throw things together. I have a few tips for how to do that.

Just for the record I am not a chef, just a home cook with a passion for good value and tasty food. My Home Economics teacher took an instant dislike to me because I did German instead of one of her lessons. I took an instant dislike to her after we learned how to make packet blancmange….

The other thing is that, like most people, I have to watch the pennies, or, because I live in France, the cents so I’ll be sharing my frugal tips along the way. I love living in France but I’ve had to adapt my cooking and shopping due to availability  so I’ll be sharing my lifestyle tips too.

So if you fancy getting some ideas from a sometimes rude, cheating, penny-pinching glutton who is trying to be good please read on.

I’m new to this blogging lark but I’d like to say that these recipes are my own unless otherwise stated and the crude photography is also mine so please don’t share without linking! There are no adverts of mine here but maybe occasional ones from WordPress who host my blog for me. I would love to hear your comments about anything…it’s sleepy in Poitou Charentes but I love it.

You’ve got to eat to live or maybe live to eat and you’ve got to enjoy it either way so let’s do it!


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  1. Thank you for stopping by and joining my blog. I hope you enjoy reading all the recipes and travel stories as much as I enjoy sharing them with you. Welcome aboard.


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